Conditions for Outdoor Painting

South Shore Outdoor PaintingHere are some ways that different weather conditions can affect your South Shore painting project:

Hot weather: Hot weather increases the surface temperature of your house and makes it difficult for the paint to adhere to the siding or trim. When the surfaces are too hot, bubbles and blisters will begin to form on the surface. After the paint dries, these bubbles and blisters will begin to peel. Peeling paint is unsightly, and will not provide adequate protection to your home’s surfaces.

Cold weather: Cold weather causes paint to absorb excess moisture. This additional moisture will prevent the paint from drying properly, which adversely affects adhesion. When paint is applied in cold weather, it is likely to begin to crack and chip off after a very short period of time. However, there are certain paints that are made to withstand certain cold weather conditions. For instance, oil based paints can be used in temperatures as low as 40 degrees.

Windy weather: Cool winds may cause the paint to cool below ideal temperatures and, as a result, may affect the proper curing of the paint. Intense winds may also blow debris onto painted surfaces before they dry or even cause them to dry too quickly.

Humidity: In humid conditions, condensation may form on recently painted surfaces. Condensation wreaks havoc on a freshly paint jobs. In addition to the paint not adhering properly, this added moisture may result in unsightly streak marks and premature fading.

Taking on this project yourself may sound like a money saving venture, but in reality, certain painting projects are best left to your South Shore painting professional. A reputable painting company will provide outstanding results that will maximize the time between paint jobs. Plus, you avoid other potential risks like falling from a ladder! Talk to a professional painter in your area for the best paint job for your home.

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