Fresh Paint Can Sell Your Home Faster

South Shore PaintingIf you’re considering selling your home and you’re thinking of ways to improve it that makes it more attractive to buyers, think about having your paint redone before you put the home on the market. Getting the lawn and home cleaned up is good, but it may not be enough to give your home the edge it needs to compete on the market.

Both your interior and exterior should be refreshed with paint, and all the caulking should of course be part of the prep work prior to repainting. Resealing the home will add value to it, and the fresh look will attract buyers. Paint also has a way of making the home smell fresher as well, plus there are paints specifically designed with odor control solutions.

Choose A Professional Painting Contractor Only

The only major concern with repainting your home is in who you choose to get it done. A painting contractor with little experience or who’s lazy and cuts corners isn’t your optimal choice. You’ll not want to deal with painters who slop paint around, can’t keep spray off your cabinetry or flooring, or who dribbles it all over your carpeting. Paint jobs like that only cost you more money to clean up after.

Instead, choose a professional who does high quality work and you’ll not regret it when your home is painted as it should be, showing professionally results. A professional will also have many color scheme options and ideas ready for you as well.

Your repainting project may be extensive, but you’ll be able to recoup your costs either in finances or by beating your competition who’s homes are still sitting unsold for months on end.

Selling your home means you’re competing, so you want to be sure it stands out and is attractive. Whether you intend to show it furnished or not makes little difference. Your buyers don’t care if there’s furniture that’s nice, they want nice walls and nice trimwork to put their own furniture next to.

Don’t Neglect Your Exterior Paint Work

Your exterior is just as important as your interior when it comes to repainting, if not even more. Your curb appeal is of most vital concern because many people unknown to you will be driving by the property. If they’re not seeing enough to be interested to see the interior, you’ve already lost them as they drive on by your home and stop at the better looking one down the street.

You can literally have a small home that’s beautifully painted get much more attention than the two story with faded paint that’s down the road. What’s great is that even if the people are really looking for more room, they’ll tell everyone they know who’s looking about the beautiful small home they saw that day.

Sometimes it’s hard to see your way through all the options you’ll have with your home when you need to sell, but just keep in mind that the better it looks the faster you’ll beat out all the other competing homes in the area!

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