Mistakes Even Painting Contractors Make To Watch For

South Shore Exterior PaintingThe wisest of homeowners know the importance of hiring a professional painting contractor. There are certain projects around the home that although you may technically be able to do, the results will be better if you leave it to the pros.

Plus, it’s safer, cleaner, and saves you the time and frustration DIY tasks usually are known for. Yet, what if it turns out the so-called expert you hire doesn’t deliver the as close to perfect result you expected?

Be it interior house painting or exterior, carefully screen your candidates for potential painting pros and check references, as well as review their portfolio of previous work. In addition, keep an eye out for the possibility of mistakes, such as the common ones pros can make we’re about to list below.

Avoid Painters Who May Make These Mistakes

If you wanted to make mistakes, you’d do the job yourself, right? The entire point of hiring an expert painter is to end up with well-done work.
Some mistakes are forgivable; even professionals are human. However, some are the result of erroneous choices a true industry expert shouldn’t be making.

  • Not bringing in good help
  • It would be like you hiring the neighbor’s kid who has little experience. Your painter should price your job according to having help that’s worth putting to work. Those super low bids are usually because they plan on paying the minimal amount and getting results that mimic the pay scale.
  • Making multiple trips to the paint store
  • If you notice your painter spending more time making paint runs than actually applying paint to the walls, this is a red flag. A professional should be able to plan better for how much they’ll need and show up prepared. That doesn’t mean they’ll never need to make a run to the store but if its’ a regular occurrence you may want to bring someone else in to complete the job. If you’re paying them by the hour, pull the plug because they’re riding the clock at your expense.
  • Rushing or skipping prep
  • A true professional honestly could execute a paint job with very little prep; it’s just a matter of redundant practice. However, this doesn’t make them impervious to errors and they shouldn’t be willing to take risk with your home in order to save some time or a few extra bucks. If they want to bypass taping edges or laying out drop clothes in their own home, fine. For a paying customer, even if it’s for show, all the prep work needs to be done. In fact, preparation and cleanup are the big parts of the job while the actual paint application is second.

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