3 Important Color Schemes To Avoid When South Shore House Painting

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painting-contractor-south-shoreWhen you’re trying to figure out what color schemes to go with when it’s time to paint your South Shore home, you’ll have thousands upon thousands of options. This can make the color choosing part of your painting project frustrating or annoying.

You may pick a color or two and try it out on your walls. It may look fine until it covers the entire wall, and then all the sudden the color is too dark, too bright, or turns out to look like some other shade than you thought you were choosing. Taking home samples isn’t always going to work either, because until you get it up on the wall, you just can’t tell what the outcome will be.

Here, at least, are a few color schemes you’ll want to avoid choosing for your South Shore painting projects…

1. When you’re painting your South Shore home or business at a time that’s close to the holiday season, it can be really easy to mistakenly choose a color scheme that shouldn’t be used for home painting.

Holiday colors are not the colors you want on your home’s interior or exterior all year long, but because we’re so exposed to them at this time of year, they can easily be stuck in our minds as options. So stay away from holiday greens, reds, blues, and golds, especially when mixing them together as a paint scheme! The last thing you want is an interior or exterior that looks as if Santa and his reindeer will be arriving any moment to crash your Valentine’s party!

2. Don’t go with primary colors as a color scheme unless you are painting a baby’s or small child’s room. Pure primary red, blue, and yellow do not look good together no matter how you try to decorate around them.

Yes, these colors can be accent colors, but shouldn’t ever be your color scheme for your home or business unless you want to completely cater to children. We as a society have been using the primary colors for so long for toys and child’s rooms that this is what we think of when they are used as a color scheme, so unless you’re painting for a child, it’s better to stay away from using them in your home or business.

3. Last but not least, avoid using camouflage as a painting style or color choices, even when decorating for a rustic or forest theme. Camouflage has it’s place but not on your walls! The mixture of the colors, no matter the type of camouflage, is bland and boring, not to mention upsetting when you apply them to your walls whether you’re literally painting the camouflage patterns or not.

If you love camouflage, try more sophisticated earth tones and use some leaf patterns with some similar toned colors instead as decorative elements on solid walls. Earth tones can be beautiful if put together right, but camouflage can be stomach churning when you’re hit with huge walls full of these colors.

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