Using Color Psychology to Pick the Right Interior Paint for Your Home

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South Shore Interior PaintingThere really is a science to colors and why some are so popular and others are not. When you are trying to pick the right color for inside your South Shore home it is important to know some of this. For the same reasons that you should never shop when you are hungry, it is a good idea not to choose colors for your home when you are too tired, angry, sad or otherwise not at your positive emotional peak.

Professional South Shore painters always say it is wise to steer clear of color trends because you are likely to grow tired of them in less than a year. Yet, aside from that, what other tips are there for choosing a color you can live with, and love, hopefully for years to come.

How to Make Wise Decisions

Want to avoid making common mistakes when it comes to choosing just the right color for your interior walls? Here are a few ideas and suggestions:

Avoid just picking your “favorite” color. It is fine to have a favorite color and maybe implement it into various aspects of your daily life. However, this doesn’t mean it would be a good fit for your walls. If you are set on including your color, maybe find a more subtle and subdued version that won’t be overwhelming.

The lighting plays a major role in the colors you choose. Make it a point to consider the color in every type of lighting setting, including natural sunlight and artificial lighting. This is especially important in rooms with fluorescent lights because they can really case a sharp, blue tone that will alter how the paint looks.

Determine if you want your walls and paint to be the center of attention or take more of a back seat. Certain colors and textures will make your walls really steal the show which is great, unless it is not what you had intended.

Consider other rooms in the home nearby. This is especially important if you have more of an open floor plan. However, you don’t want rooms visible from other areas of the home to clash.

Rely on True Professionals

Savvy homeowners know that the name to call in the South Shore area is Professional Home Painting, Inc. We have been providing local customers with the best in service for over 25 years now, including the advice we offer ahead of time.

We look forward to working with you so that you can get the final look you have always wanted. Don’t let a poor interior paint job stand in the way of making your current house your dream home.

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